Starlet Day 2018

What on earth is Starlet Day,you say?

Once a year,all the girls (and some of our clients) head out to do something out of the ordinary. To bond…to celebrate…to do something out of our box. Brave, even.

And we all have our own definition of what that means. Maybe it’s being in the ocean when you don’t swim. Or painting when you don’t think it will look good. Or being willing to make a fool of yourself at Circus School. It’s a day to find a new way to admire each other while doing something we’ve never tried.

This year will be Erika’s first year joining us. Jenna has gone surfing and painting on previous Starlet Days. And Denise has been on many adventures with us.

This year we celebrate 9 years! 

Here are a few clips of our previous Starlet Days…check out our next post to see what adventure we choose this year! Will it be a hot air balloon ride? Taking out a catamaran? Camping? or White water rafting? .

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