Cosmetic Tattoos & Permanent Makeup

Starlet is now proud to offer permanent versions of services we’ve been offering for a decade: the reshaping and volumizing of brows, the addition of beauty marks, the filling of lips, and the correction of hairlines…this time, with permanent makeup!

We have partnered with NULL Cosmetics, a division of NULL Tattoo (Andover’s first tattoo shop). NULL is owned by a tattoo artist trained out of Boston, who has diligently studied permanent makeup. 

We’ve collaborated to ensure that our clients get the same look they’ve been getting for years, only this time, with less up-keep!

NULL Cosmetic’s permanent makeup solutions include the following:

EyebrowMicroblading‘ with a tattoo machine (less pain, less scarring, and more permanent than traditional microblading).
Hairline Restoration (Scalp Micropigmentation) 
Nipple-Areola Reconstruction
Scar Cover-up
Beauty Marks (Freckles, Moles, etc)
Injury Pigment Correction (Injured lips, discolored tissue)

To get started with a consultation, contact NULL >>